Monday, March 3, 2008

Giving seafarers value thru employment and career development- A PMC commitment

The current number of seafarers working for PMC, is a product of the company’s strategy to value its people in terms of continuous employment and career development. Qualified senior officers are given the option to join the NCO management as Technical/Marine Superintendents of Company auditors. Opportunities to join PMC as Port Captain and Port Engineer while on vacation are also available.

PMC’s strong commitment to maintain seafarers with a high level of competency is embedded within its policy. It has put in place a training department to further hone the capabilities of its manpower pool.

Phoenix Maritime Corporation has institutionalized a Cadetship Program to support the education and training of future officers. Partner academic institutions include: The Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific (MAAP), John B. Lacson Maritime University, The University of the Visayas, University of Cebu and the Davao Merchant Marine Academy.

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