Thursday, February 14, 2008

We're opening windows for greater opportunities and career development for Filipino seafarers

Phoenix Maritime Corporation (PMC) one of the Philippines' premier companies engaged in the business of manning ocean going vessels, recruitment of shipboard personnel, and providing ship support services for international trade ; brings the good news to all Filipino seafarers.

Calling all:

* Qualified Senior Officers (Master, C/Officer, C/Engineers, 2/Engineers)

Qualified Junior Officers (2nd Officer, 3rd Engineers, preferably with higher licenses)

Experienced Chief Cooks

Simply visit and apply thru our website at:

Join the ranks of officers that made a rewarding change in their careers, sail with us now!

About Phoenix Maritime Corporation (PMC)

Phoenix Maritime Corporation (PMC) is a company duly licensed and authorized by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) to engage in the business of manning ocean-going vessels, recruitment of shipboard personnel and provide ship support services.

PMC was established to provide crew manning services by supplying qualified seafarers to man ocean-going vessels for international trade. These services include among others, crew management, crew training and upgrading seminars and other support services to its principals.

The Company was established in April 1995 as Fil-Harvest Marine Incorporated and changed to its present name, Phoenix Maritime Corporation in 1998. Operation has since grown to its present number of 25 manned vessels and a pool of more than 700 qualified and competent officers and crew.

PMC’s Main Office is currently located at the 6th Floor Feliza Bldg., 108 VA Rufino St. Legazpi Village, 1229 Makati City.

Proudly sailing on successful waters for a decade now

PMC together with sister company, New Century Overseas Management Inc. (NCO), has met tremendous success (PMC for the crewing and NCO for the ship management) in helping Filipino seafarers land better opportunities abroad and meeting the requirements of their principals. Laying witness to the companies’ feat was the celebration of their 10th year anniversary last September 28, 2007 at the Dusit Hotel in Makati City, Manila.

PMC boasts of established principals and well-respected companies from Europe and Japan. Current principals include:

Lauritzen Bulker A/S – One of the biggest shipping companies in Denmark with an expected expansion of 150 vessels in the next four years.

Shoei Kisen Kaisha Ltd- A major owner of the Imabari Shipyard, the largest ship building company in Japan. This group delivers an average of four (4) brand new vessels each month from its various shipyards in Japan.

Nissen Kaiun- One of the leading shipping companies in Japan with an estimated expansion of 100 vessels in the next four years.

Marion Shipping PTE- Ltd- A Subsidiary of ORIX CORPORATION, the No.1 leasing company in Japan.

Quality service at par with world-class standards

PMC maintains a high level of competency for its seafarers thru its policy for the development and training of crew coupled with proficient shore personnel to facilitate the day-to-day transactions and manning activities of the company. In addition to this, a Training Department has been institutionalized to ensure that the training needs of crews are met prior to their joining of assigned vessels.

Officers and crew are well accommodated in a NEW fully furnished four-storey dormitory operated by PMC-NCO’s affiliate properties company, NOVO CIENTO PROPERTIES CORPORATION, during their training and pre-departure processing of documents.

In addition, a Cadetship Program was established by PMC to respond to the anticipated shortage of future Marine Officers and Engineers expected within the next four to six years. This program is open to all Marine and Engine Cadets who have excelled scholastically in partnership with the two leading maritime universities in Cebu, namely University of Cebu and the University of the Visayas. PMC has also implemented and proceeded with the Bridging Training Program initiated by Commission of Higher Education (CHED) which allow Mechanical and Electrical Engineers to proceed to the Maritime profession in the process of becoming future Marine Engine Officer by undergoing a six-month training program and a one-year sea going experience before taking the Marine Licensure Examination which is duly approved by the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC).

PMC’s provision of services is encompassing as it looks after the welfare of crew families. A well established system of crew medical and hospitalization benefits is top priority of the company.

All of these are reflections of a company operating on the premises of world-class standards. The Company is ISO 9001:2000 certified under Det Norske Veritas (DNV).

Source: Phoenix Maritime Corporation
Author: Message in a Bottle

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